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We Know Your Industry

When it comes to understanding the unique requirements of your industry, FBG leaves nothing to chance. We not only stay current with the latest advancements in our own industry, transparency in our communications with clients ensures FBG also stays up to date with changes in your facility and industry requirements that need to be reflected in the services we provide.


A System of Accountability

With FBG’s proprietary and customizable information management system, MyPortfolio, you have ready access to the details of each facility and services performed. This allows you to gain an in-depth view of what’s happening in your facility, and even make changes or updates to respond to circumstances “on the ground” with complete confidence.

Top Industries We Serve

K-12 Education

Health and safety are essential to creating a solid, sustainable learning environment. FBG helps schools meet the needs of the students in their care. From daily cleaning to deep disinfecting, our procedures are built around school routines and activities – targeting surfaces and areas that present the potential for infection. We structure plans according to district protocols, school preferences and budget requirements. We also provide support for facility upkeep and special projects, end-of-term or beginning-of-the-year preparations, storm recovery, ongoing maintenance, groundskeeping, sidewalks and parking lots.

Higher Education

Beyond classrooms, lecture halls, labs, studios, gyms, offices and common areas – facilities for higher education not only need to meet the needs of students and faculty, they also impact visitors, donors and parents. That’s where a partner like FBG makes a difference with cleaning, disinfecting and facility maintenance programs that address the specific needs of your campus. We’re also instrumental in interior and exterior upkeep, floors, painting and roofing, construction cleanup, and events like graduation, sports, speakers and the arts. So, everyone feels confident about the health, safety and appearance of the facilities.


Safety, schedules, equipment and people must all work seamlessly together to meet production deadlines. FBG supports this mission by allowing it all to happen in a clean, safe and healthy workplace. We work with you to develop plans and procedures that meet your facility requirements, and we stand ready to respond to any event that requires immediate attention. Our people bring expertise in key areas, allowing us to deliver a full range of commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services. They’re also able to develop new skills to meet the specifics of your processes, regulatory requirements and service needs.


The expectations for cleanliness in healthcare clinics, medical offices and diagnostic centers has never been greater. FBG is here to ensure environments are clean, healthy and safe – from high-touch surfaces to designated high-risk areas. Special training and relationships within our own industry keep us current with recommended products, protocols and best practices. And we work closely with clients to remain responsive to emerging risks to meet demands and expectations. We’re also able to provide specialized skill sets for facility maintenance services – working outside office hours in order to prevent interruptions to care.


FBG understands the need to be where our services are most needed – and when. For commercial cleaning, that means being onsite and visible throughout the day to address immediate needs and respond to daily demands. FBG tailors our plans and procedures specifically to the facility or tenant needs. We also provide a wide range of facility maintenance services – from skilled trades to pest control, roofing, painting, flooring, snow removal, landscaping and repairs. So, we not only create a safe environment for employees, customers and guests, we also protect the reputation of your facility and business.


When it comes to utilities, it’s important that your people are able to remain focused on their mission and that your systems operate as required. Through our commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services, FBG ensures safe, clean and healthy environments for your people and visitors. We understand the protocols and regulatory requirements in which you operate, and our processes and programs reflect this. We’re also able to provide services that control pests and vegetation, maintain the appearance of your facilities, and ensure the cleanliness of your work environment.

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FBG services are built on best-in-class procedures and staffed by people who are committed doing the job right.

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Whether you’re looking for greater expertise in your commercial cleaning, disinfecting or facility services – or want to improve your program, contact FBG.

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