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The realities of our new workplace environments have made many businesses and organizations look outside their typical go-to for commercial cleaning and facility services. They find that FBG is listening, customizing and offering a diverse range of services, with transparency and speed to resolution.


Accountability Matters

When you trust your commercial cleaning and facility services to an outside source, you need to ensure the job gets done, and gets done right. With FBG, it is our service contract tracking and management software, MyPortfolio, details work performed, so you can view activity every day. We’re also accountable to the budget, so you’ll know the job is getting done without any surprise costs.

Combined Solutions

FBG simplifies things for you by combining commercial cleaning and facility services in a single contract. So, you gain the advantage of predictable scheduling and associated costs. What’s more, we’re able to accommodate seasonal services and disaster recovery services resulting from acts of nature.

FBG Commercial Cleaning

FBG Facility Maintenance

Since 1992, First National Bank of Omaha has enjoyed an excellent business relationship with FBG.  They not only increased the quality of our cleaning service, but they also provided substantial cost savings.  Recognizing the importance of our culture, FBG’s services have been both flexible to our business needs and professionally managed at all levels.

Brenda Dooley FMA, RPA, President, First National Buildings, Inc. First National Bank Omaha, NE

Our janitors do a lot for us … they play an essential role in making our school safe.

Joel Pedersen Superintendent Cardinal Community School District Eldon, IA

The transition from in-house service to outsourcing was seamless. Without the FBG leadership team, the process would not have gone so well. Their enthusiasm carries over to their people and makes them want to do a good job. The GVU family culture is a good fit for the FBG family culture. They get things done like you need them done.

Kim Butler Director of Buildings and Grounds Grand View University Des Moines, IA

Just ask.

Whether you’re looking for greater expertise in your commercial cleaning, disinfecting or facility services – or want to improve your program, contact FBG.

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