Powerful. Transparent.

MyPortfolio is FBG’s proprietary information management tool that integrates all facets of our business operations.

MyPortfolio is a service delivery management tool that contains the details of each facility, services performed and billing activity.

From this secure platform, assigned personnel are able to enter a work request that notifies FBG’s Customer Support Center. The status of this service request and associated billing activity can be viewed at any time, from anywhere. Within each query, information can be downloaded to compile trend results by site or by service. This data is used to not only manage the work, but also to manage costs, personnel and equipment.

Reports generated and viewed from MyPortfolio can be customized specifically for your organization based on the parameters you wish to monitor.

Use MyPortfolio to:
• Create a service request
• Review status of work requests
• Access billing & service activity
• Analyze billing & service trends

Contact your FBG representative to set up your new account or select a login option above to access your MyPortfolio account.