Corporate/Managed Services 2018 Value Awards

Our annual Employee Stock Ownership celebrations honor our employees and give us the opportunity to express our deepest thanks. We’re so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from our Corporate office for their outstanding contributions over the past year.
-Terri Gogetap, President FBG Service Corporation


Andy Hooyman

As FBG has transitioned to Managed Services over the last two years, we have had to assess our available resources and allocate them according to the needs of our clients and our organization. Throughout this transition, Andy has never shied away from taking on additional work, and he has continued to provide quality output during a very important yet challenging time. Thank you, Andy, for the work you do and your attention to detail.

Stability and Growth

BMS District Directors Randy Zornes (Colorado/Western Nebraska), Mike Livermore (Des Moines), Ryan McDougall(Minnesota/Wisconsin), Scott Hess (Quad Citiies), Tom Montgomery (Cedar Rapids) and Diane Pesek (Omaha)

Stability and growth are the keys to our future. During the 2016- 2017 fiscal year the BMS District Directors and their respective teams exceeded the new sales goal that were set prior to the start of the year. Our thanks to these individuals and the teams that make reaching our goals possible in each District. We also thank everyone in the Corporate office who provide support and assistance to our Districts to help make this goal a reality!

Innovation and Experimentation

Drew Price

Drew Price has an innate willingness to innovate, experiment, and maintain the agility necessary for success with our clients, specifically Biolife, and in response to an ever changing client landscape in our National Accounts division. Thank you, Drew, for the contributions you have made during this challenging transition, and for helping to increase the value of this client to FBG.

Kathy Clark

Kathy is being recognized for her natural ability to look at the current and future processes in a way that continually drives out waste (time and engergy) and improves quality as well as the data captured. With a dedicated IT staff, FBG continues to leverage and improve our systems to differentiate ourselves. Thank you Kathy, continue those long idea-stimulating and problem-solving walks.

Ethics and Integrity

Mike Mailander

Mike upholds FBG’s commitment to and value of ethics and integrity in dealings with our clients, our vendors, and with each other. Mike’s willingness to lend a helpful hand with a positive attitude is so very much appreciated by all of us here and makes our work day less complicated. Thank you, Mike. You are a highly valued employee.

Cindy Jennings

Doing the right thing for our clients enhances our values and our pro tability and promotes mutual respect and goodwill, a foundation of so many of our long-term client relationships. Cindy Jennings always has the balanced interest of Alliant Energy and FBG at heart when making decisions. Thank you, Cindy, for all you do and for representing FBG in a manner for which we can all be proud.

People Development and Empowerment

Cameka McCreary

Cameka not only is a great internal manager for the Minnesota District, she has taken on responsibilities for training and mentoring her peers in the other districts. She brings her talents daily, patiently working through the training guide, creating practical hints, and, of course, dealing with day-to-day issues. She understands the position and the dynamics that come with it. Thank you, Cameka! You are an invaluable part of our team.

Steve Simmonds

After the retirement key players, our Facility Services Management team was left with some big shoes to ll. The division was reorganized into our new concept, One FBG. Steve was chosen to lead team and turn that concept into reality. With the support of his team he has been able to absorb the work load without replacing the positions. This has resulted in the renaming of the division to the Managed Services District and a much more exible and dynamic operational strategy. Margins have increased, new clients have been courted and added. Thank you, Steve, for a job well done!