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Every Employee Stock Ownership Plan has a Summary Plan Description (SPD). And, as way of educating and engaging our employee owners, we are going to share some of the highlights […]

FBG Supports Boys Town Hotline

As the Grammy’s spotlight was on rap artist Logic’s song named for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number, other suicide prevention centers, like the Boys Town Hotline, are reminding […]

Cold and Flu Season — Should You Stay Home When You’re Sick?

Last year, FBG responded to many calls requesting emergency electrostatic disinfection after employees came to work with a cold or flu. Whether you are concerned about a paycheck, a deadline […]

ESOP.edu – Why is a Beneficiary Form so important?

A beneficiary form is used to assign the person of your choice to receive your financial assets upon death. Every time a life event takes place, like a new baby, […]

How To Reduce School Absenteeism This Cold & Flu Season

Studies have shown that students who miss just two days of school each month are more likely to fail at math and reading, and that chronic absenteeism decreases the likelihood […]

Nebraska School Show

FBG’s Market Manager in Lincoln, Bryce Roemer and Sales Director Diane Pesek attended the Nebraska Association of School Business Officers. Attendees from across the state come to this event to […]

Top 5 Reasons to Start Green School Cleaning Today

It’s no secret that many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. Individuals with asthma or allergies may have symptoms aggravated by these particles in the air—especially if they’re young […]

Top 5 Considerations for Winter Facility Management

A harsh winter adds extra stress to the already busy load of a facility manager. The safety and facility hazards that come with excess snow and ice are real and […]

When Lifting, It’s All About the How

We have many eyes on safety at FBG, but we still experience the occasional incident. The primary cause of injury is lifting heavy loads of trash into the tops of […]

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