District of the Year: Rocky Mountain

Randy Zornes accepts the District of the Year award from (left to right) Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Andy Petersen; President and CEO Terri Gogetap and Vice President, Jim Simmonds.

The Rocky Mountain District scored highest in Safety last year which helped them win District of the Year. The quality work provided by the entire team also pushed this outstanding district into the top spot.

Vice President Jim Simmonds, who has worked with Rocky Mountain District Manager Randy Zornes for more than 40 years, remarked, “This district has always been a shining star. The management team is seasoned and has a tremendous wealth of industry knowledge that they are able to put to work in our clients’ sites to deliver outstanding service, while developing our employee owners for the next step in their career journey.”

Diane Barker, our Market Manager, came to FBG with knowledge and experience in building decommissioning, which involves coordinating many different skilled labor contractors to return a building to its original state. After Barker learned that a prospect had a need for this type of service she let Randy know the team could handle the assignment. After discussions with Corporate, the Rocky Mountain team was given the green light to take on the project. Not only did the team secure a long-term project for this client, the client is also a new building service customer and FBG is cleaning their new home on a nightly basis.

Thanks, Rocky Mountain Team, for all your efforts, past, current and future!