FBG Minnesota 2024 Value Award Winners

Each year, FBG honors exceptional individuals in every District with a value award, highlighting their embodiment of one of our five core values.

  • Ethics and Integrity
  • People Development and Empowerment
  • Quality
  • Innovation and Experimentation
  • Growth and Stability

Each winner is nominated by their supervisor or district director. Read more about each Minnesota winner below.

Dario Arrenchu
Lead Cleaning Specialist in New Brighton
People Development and Empowerment

Dario’s positive attitude and ability to get along with everyone on the team makes him a valuable asset. His initiative to learn from others, share his cleaning methods and train his colleagues demonstrate his dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the team. What truly sets Dario apart is his willingness to conquer any obstacle and step outside of his comfort zone to learn and grow. He embodies the spirit of self-investment and takes full advantage of training opportunities offered by FBG to further his success.

Elizabeth Mejia Galicia
Cleaning Specialist

Elizabeth is a team player and is always willing to cover shifts with the operations team for her team members. Because of this, she has extensive knowledge of the building’s responsibilities and duties. This is just one way she demonstrates her dedication to understanding and fulfilling her role to the best of her ability. What truly sets Elizabeth apart is her professionalism and teamwork. Whether covering daytime positions, working at night or assisting her colleagues, she consistently goes above and beyond expectations. Her exceptional flexibility in her schedule allows FBG to rely on her with confidence, knowing that she will always be there to support the operations team when needed.

Gregory Karnes
Cleaning Specialist in Wisconsin

Gregory’s exceptional work ethic and ability to oversee numerous buildings does not go unnoticed by his team. His adaptability and flexibility in handling changes to his buildings demonstrate his commitment to excellence and his valuable contribution to the team. What truly sets Gregory apart is his proactive approach to communication. He not only provides a high level of quality in his work but also ensures that concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. His willingness to tackle challenges head-on and his grace under pressure make him an invaluable asset to the Minnesota team.

Irene Ackman
Cleaning Specialist in St. Paul

Irene’s positive attitude and commitment to getting things done exemplify her dedication to her role. She approaches her position with seriousness and professionalism, ensuring that her work meets the highest standards. This dedication is not only appreciated by FBG but also valued by the customer, who thoroughly enjoys Irene’s proactive approach and commitment to excellence. Irene’s ability to efficiently follow her scope of work and take pride in her position has significantly contributed to the smooth operation of the team. Her top-notch customer service skills have earned her high praise from the customer, who consistently commends Irene for her work ethic, attention to detail and overall satisfaction with her performance.

Urie Wallick
Cleaning Specialist

Urie’s charming personality, kindness and respect for his team members make him a pleasure to work with. He serves as a true reflection and role model of FBG’s values. His positive attitude shines through in all that he does. Urie continuously goes the extra mile to exceed customer expectations. Celebrating his recent three-year anniversary with FBG, Urie’s track record speaks for itself. In three years of service, he has only called in sick three times, demonstrating his exceptional reliability and dedication to his responsibilities.