June is National Safety Month: Keeping Our Workplace and Communities Safe

national safety month

Since its establishment by the National Safety Council (NSC) in 1996, organizations across the country have come together to observe National Safety Month. National Safety Month is dedicated to raising extra awareness about safety concerns in workplaces, on the roads and within homes and communities.

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“After two consecutive years with preventable injuries ranking fourth behind COVID-19, preliminary data from 2022 now indicates that preventable deaths have risen to become the third leading cause of death in the United States.”

Currently, the top three leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease at number one, followed by cancer and then preventable injuries.

National Safety Month serves as an opportunity to address the leading causes of preventable accidents and deaths. It’s important for organizations, regardless of industry, to come together and prioritize safety measures. This year, the NSC will spotlight the following topics during the month:


national safety month


June 1-8 Safety Engagement: Encouraging active participation and involvement in safety protocols.

June 9-15 Roadway Safety: Promoting safe driving practices and reducing accidents on the road.

June 16-22 Risk Reduction: Identifying potential hazards and implementing strategies to mitigate risks.

June 23-30 Slips, Trips and Falls: Addressing common causes of these accidents and implementing preventive measures.

As we celebrate National Safety Month, let’s all commit to prioritizing safety in our workplaces and communities. Together, we can make a difference and create safer environments for everyone. Stay safe!

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