Mailbag Monday — Week of July 20th, 2020

From: Stacy Lawson Regional Manager, NSC serving CTL, Omaha, NE

To: Jim Simmonds, FBG Vice President 

I wanted to share some comments I’ve received about the services being provided by the teams. 

Priscilla Ortega pulled the pressure wash job together last week after a last-minute request. The crew did great job and their efforts were recognized. 

Greg from the Data Center stopped me and said, “Glad I ran into you. FBG is doing a great job. Things are so much better.”

Andy has commented several times about how things are going. No complaints. Today he saw the porters cleaning furniture and he sent an email stating, “FBG cleaned the heck out of the furniture in the break room.”

I have shared this feedback with Priscilla and Gina. I am so proud of the accomplishments this team has made. Thanks for your commitment and support of the team, they’ve worked hard to make a difference at this site.