2017 Corporate Value Awards

Our Employee Stock Ownership celebrations are held each year at all of the FBG District locations and include recognizing the contributions of our Corporate Team that make everything work. We are so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from the Corporate office for their outstanding accomplishments over the past year. Our thanks and congratulations to all!
-Terri Gogtap, President FBG Service Corporation

Stability and Growth

Andy Petersen

Andy became our VP of Sales in July 2015 and you could feel a difference almost immediately. Sharing our values, he was a perfect match and we were ready to learn! You can see the positive impact he’s made as there is more enthusiasm and energy surrounding growth today than ever before. Thank you, Andy!

Candace Fickenscher

Candace is our Director of HR, Safety & Risk, and has improved many of our processes in the last five years, including: identifying and correcting potential exposures, monitoring safety performance, selecting the right people for the right job and proactive incident management. This year, we had our best safety score in years. Thank you, Candace!

Joe Davidson

Joe is often kidded when asked how he’s going to fill the remaining two hours of his 24-hour day with something productive. Do you really need that sleep? Of course, this is just our way of recognizing the many directions Joe is pulled every day to get things done on behalf of FBG, and the dedication that he has for our clients. Thank you, Joe!

Ryan McDougall

Ryan has created a team that has served our clients well in the Twin Cities and beyond. The District results reflect his team’s search for operational excellence. Through the efforts of Ryan and his team, this district has consistently contributed substantial returns for the company which we all benefit from and have come to rely. Thank you, Ryan!

Innovation and Experimentation

Romona Horne

On any given day Romona can be asked to get a leaky roof fixed in California, build a cover for outside equipment in Vermont or fix an access gate in Minnesota. Through her extensive network, we have the ability to respond on a moment’s notice. Sheer determination is how Romona gets the job done from sea to shiny sea. Thank you, Romona!

Ethics and Integrity

Kathy Shannon

When you want the straight answer, Kathy is your resource. If the answer she provides is hard to hear, you are wise to evaluate the situation as your optimism may be misplaced. And, if the answer is positive, you have a lot to be proud of and should consider what you have done an accomplishment. Thank you, Kathy!

People Development and Empowerment

Tom Montgomery

Tom hires people from many different backgrounds and grooms them into successful supervisors and managers. He is always looking for the next opportunity to give someone additional responsibilities but is careful not to do it until they have been given the tools and training to succeed. Thank you, Tom!

Debbie Davis

As FBG’s Controller, Debbie has the chore of meeting all the monthly accounting deadlines, such as sales taxes, financial reports, expense reports, etc. When these reports are distributed, she often gets calls asking for clarification of numbers and she’s always very patient and kind while she explains the details to each caller. It’s a juggling act that she does very well. Thank you, Deb!


Tom Richard

Operating with transparency and consistency is hard work, but we take on that challenge every day. When people can come into their work environments and know it will be clean, safe and healthy so they can focus on their jobs, it is the result of effective management and quality work. Tom provides this level of consistency. Thank you, Tom!

Debbie Tinkler

As a previous Internal Manager, Debbie is uniquely qualified to document the processes for our systems like MyPortfolio, for the accounting and IT departments. She is also our go-to for training on these systems. Since we moved to weekly payroll, she’s responsible for that as well as some accounts payable functions. She is a woman that wears many hats! Thank you, Debbie!