Quad Cities Value Award Winners for 2017 Announced

Our Employee Stock Ownership celebrations are held each year at all of the FBG District locations. These events are our way of recognizing and honoring our employees for their dedication and commitment to their work. We are so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from our team in the Quad Cities District for their outstanding contributions over the past year. Our thanks and congratulations to all!
-Terri Gogtap, President FBG Service Corporation

Stability and Growth

Pat Carroll

Pat, our Market Manager, has been with FBG for over three years. During this time, Pat has utilized his skills in coaching and training to develop Supervisors and Cleaning Specialists alike. Pat has also been key to the recent growth of the districts customer base. We are fortunate to have Pat as part of our leadership team. Thank you, Pat!

Irma Torres

Irma recently stepped into a Lead role and is flourishing. Irma has worked with new employees and developed them into effective Cleaning Specialists. She stabilized a very challenging account that has many moving parts resulting in a positive reference. Thank you, Irma!

Dennis Breuer

For over 15 years, Dennis has led his team most effectively, coaching and training them to develop not just cleaning skills but maintenance skills as well. Dennis has done all of this while maintaining a very stable crew, as we have almost no turnover at Mediapolis Schools. Thank you, Dennis! Well done!

Innovation and Experimentation

Dale Mueller

Dale is known as, “McGuyver” or “Mouse” to most everyone. He is trained on all our equipment and is instrumental in large account start-ups. Dale set up a carpet and floor training area in our warehouse so all have the benefit of learning basic floor skills. Congratulations, Dale!

Marty Fratzke

Marty took a good group of Cleaning Specialists at Palmer College and made them even more effective. He saw an opportunity to improve quality by implementing a team cleaning program. Although challenging at first, his team has learned, adapted and grown through the process. He truly is an innovator. Congratulations, Marty!

Ethics and Integrity

Aileen Vasquez

Aileen exemplifies the qualities of a first class human resource specialist. She pays attention to the law and keeps us on track for new hires and existing employees. She also has the inherent quality of making ethically based decisions. We benefit by the values she demonstrates daily. Thank you, Aileen!

People Development and Empowerment

Kelly Findley

Kelly has earned the respect of colleagues and customers alike. Members of her team have mentioned on many occasions, “Kelly is the best manager I’ve ever worked with!” Kelly’s team, known as Kelly’s Heroes, goes the extra mile for her, because she has done that for them. Thank you, Kelly!


Tina Fogel

Tina leads one of the hardest working crews in our Quad City District. They do an outstanding job in a fast-paced work environment. Tina talks quality in every conversation and demonstrates it in working with her crew. Our scores at Cobham have been exceptional due to her quality leadership. Thank you, Tina!

Ana Lopez

Ana exemplifies quality in everything she does. In training Cleaning Specialists, she is thorough and complete. She doesn’t just coach and train to do a good job, but to do a great job! The proof of her quality is evident in the scores we get from some very tough customers. We are excited and lucky to have Ana on our team. Well done, Ana!

Tonya Ramirez

Tonya’s supervisor writes, “I just cannot begin to tell you what her work ethic, loyalty, and quality have meant to our Quad City District Team. She is, without a doubt, a quality person, worker, team member and trainer. Tonya exemplifies what FBG stands for.” Thank you, Tonya!