Cedar Rapids District 2018 Value Awards

Our annual Employee Stock Ownership celebrations honor our employees and give us the opportunity to express our deepest thanks. We’re so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from Cedar Rapids for their outstanding contributions over the past year.
-Terri Gogetap, President FBG Service Corporation


Joseline Faida

Joseline, with FBG since October 2012, brings a friendly smile and a sharp focus on quality to everything she does on a daily basis. After five years of working for several FBG clients, she knows she is at her best when serving the needs of our customer, Alliant Energy. Joseline, we appreciate your hard work and your wonderful way of keeping our clients happy.

Martin Dahl

Martin is a very dedicated employee that works at a very tough account, one that has special requirements outside of the normal cleaning expectations. Since joining the FBG Team in December 2012, Marty has proved that he will do whatever it takes to get the job done right and has been a great asset to our company. Thanks for all the hard work, Marty!


Kelvin McGee

Kelvin has proven to be a valuable Team Leader, getting to know his team members, working with them, coaching and motivating them to do the best they can be. He and two team members assisted in Cedar Rapids for several days over the holiday break, helping cover open shifts. Kelvin has also helped many on his team who are having challenges. Kelvin, we appreciate your positive influence, dedication and hard work!


Jacqueline Phillips

Jacqueline has been with FBG since September 2015 and was the first employee for Unity Point Prairie Parkway. Jacque has worked on every position and every shift we have asked her to fill, without complaint and with a great attitude, impeccable attendance and a strong work ethic. She is committed to quality service and is dedicated to the client. She has been a leading force at this facility and keeps the focus on quality.

Thank you, Jacque, for your flexibility and perseverance!


Mike Oliver

Mike started as a Cleaning Specialist in June 2010 and has grown to become a Team Leader, Supervisor and Operations Supervisor. One of our new accounts, BioLife, challenged the team to find a safer, quicker way to move the donor beds when doing floor care projects. Mike took it upon himself to find a solution. His idea worked so well that he has since found other accounts and situations that will benefit from his innovation, all for a significant cost savings. Thank you, Mike, for always going the extra mile and thinking creatively for solutions that benefit our staff, clients and FBG.

Sergio Villalpando

Since Sergio started with FBG, he has received many compliments on his carpentry work at Hawkeye Community College due to his willingness to try new things. Most of his work orders are custom requests. Sergio’s success is in part due to his efforts in experimenting and researching unique ways to complete projects, but also his dedication to exceeding the client’s expectations. Thank you, Sergio, for the pride you take in delivering an exceptional product.


Patrick Kaziri

Patrick has been a model employee, since joining us in 2011. His ethics and integrity are reflected in everything he does. A few months ago, Patrick found a wallet with $400.00 inside and he turned the wallet into security. The customer was quite impressed and surprised by his honesty. For those of us who work with Patrick daily, the manner in which he handled himself is no surprise. Well done, Patrick. We are so proud of the way you represent our company.

Beverly Gibson

Beverly has been with FBG since December 2016. She now works as a Day Porter at Unity Point Prairie Parkway and helps at Prairie Parkway and San Marnan Urgent Care. Bev is one of the first to volunteer to cover open shifts and is willing to cover for a co-worker when needed. Her dedication and service has been so outstanding, the client has selected her to clean with additional clearance in the pharmacy area. This shows a highest level of trust and integrity in her daily performance. Thank you, Beverly. We are so very thankful for your trustworthiness and dedication.