Colorado District 2018 Value Awards

Our annual Employee Stock Ownership celebrations honor our employees and give us the opportunity to express our deepest thanks. We’re so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from Colorado for their outstanding contributions over the past year.
-Terri Gogetap, President FBG Service Corporation


Roxana Guevara

Roxana and her team have been able to maintain customer satisfaction during years of remodeling and growth at VISA. Staffing for coverage 365 days per year is a challenge, but when you add the extra layer of security and background clearances that this customer requires, it can be even more challenging. Roxana and her team do things right and are able to exceed customer expectations because of their strength. Roxana, your leadership and team building skills are great assets.

UTC Pueblo Team

Roger Montoya, Brandon Skull, Jimmy Pool, Zach Padilla, Joe Martin, George Williams, Jasmin Franco, Braun Payne, Amy Greenbec, Michael Martinez, Juan Gonzalez. A new customer presented a great opportunity for FBG to bring wonderful technicians into our cleaning family. Our team in Pueblo UTC has inspired customer praise, and their efforts have helped open doors to additional UTC locations and FBG technicians! All members share a persistent drive to do the right thing in the right way. Thanks to all our UTC Pueblo Team members!


Regina Maes

Regina has continued to educate new and existing employees, as well as well as our customers NSC & CenturyLink, in the FBG way. With nearly 80 individual buildings under her supervision and responsibility, Regina understands the importance of developing well trained technicians while empowering them to make decisions from an owner’s perspective. Thank you, Regina, from all those you touch with your knowledge and willingness to share.

Judith Gonzalez

Judith knows firsthand that the hardest part of moving up is leaving your comfort zone. She openly took on the challenges of a new customer and their expectations and was willing to share her own knowledge to the technicians coming into manufacturing, logistic warehouse, and clean room settings. Judith’s efforts and insight have helped develop stronger FBG technicians helping FBG strengthen and grow. Thank you, Judith, for sharing your talents and insight.


Vivian Slade-D’Alessandro

Vivian exhibits the highest levels of cleaning quality regardless of the assignment or the environment. Be it a school, a call center, light manufacturing, or a Class “A” multi-tenant building, Vivian has taken great pride in the work she delivers and has for years. Vivian, you are truly something special. We appreciate your dedication and quality!

Tony Zapanta

For the past two years, Tony has worked at one of our most demanding and evolving sites. Not only does he keep up with all the changes and requests, he does so with a smile. While being a tremendously detailed cleaner, he has also become proficient in painting, staining and power washing, and continues to expand his cleaning knowledge. Thank you, Tony, for being such a positive member of our team and such a value to our customer.

Luis Jerez

Luis quietly services customers and supports his team. He diligently tends to his cleaning assignments, and assists in coverages and special requests without complaint. Luis has the ownership mentality, and it shines when he is asked to complete a task. He creates customer confidence in his ability to quality. Thank you, Luis, for everything you do to make FBG shine!

Wendy Kan

Wendy’s relationship with her current customer was built on her relentless attention to quality. The customer stated when they lost Wendy they missed the wonderful and hardworking person they grew to know, as well as her  attention to detail. The customer has expressed relief to have Wendy back on their team, giving it her all. Thanks, Wendy, for paying such close attention to the things that are so important to this client.

Retha Hernandez

Retha is no stranger to FBG awards. Recognized earlier this year as the 2017 Employee of the Year, Retha exhibits great dedication to her customer and has never taken a sick day in her 30+ of years of service. Her attitude and attention to detail consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. Since Retha works in a delicate hospice environment, she knows how important her role is to our customer whose job it is to provide a gentle, comforting atmosphere in the most trying of times. Again, Retha, congratulations on a banner year. Thank you for everything you do.