Cedar Rapids District 2017 Value Awards Winners

Our employee-centric culture comes into focus during our annual Employee Stock Ownership celebrations – the event that honors our employees and gives us a chance to express our thanks to these amazing team members. We’re so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from our Cedar Rapids District for their outstanding contributions over the past year and for the ongoing pride they take in the work they do.
-Terri Gogtap, President FBG Service Corporation


Veronica Vicencio-Perez

Veronica has been with FBG since June 2013. Since day one she has shown that she can be counted on to get the job done with the upmost quality. She regularly receives praise from our customers at the accounts that she works at. Great job, Veronica!

Isaias and Maria Cisneros-Martinez

Isaias has been employed with us for six years and his wife, Maria, for two years. They continuously provide excellent quality at all six accounts that they are assigned. They also regularly help their supervisor to cover other locations when we are short-handed. Thank you for all the hard work!

Veralia Niyonzima

Veralia is part of a team that works at the Cedar Rapids Surgery Center. She is the kind of employee that always tries her best and loves to deliver what the customer wants. Veralia is also interested in growing in her job and taking more responsibility. Great work, Veralia!

Pascazia Nyanzire

Pascazia is part of the Cedar Rapids Surgery Center Team and consistently shows great dedication to the quality of her work. With an eye for detail, she likes it when she finds opportunities for improvement to exceed the customer’s expectations. Great job, Pascazia!

Gaudence Nzeyimana

Gaudence is part of a team that works at the Cedar Rapids Main Library and The Gazette. Even with a language barrier, she proved it’s not about how you pronounce words but how to deliver the job and succeed. She consistently provides a great level of service and is always willing to do what it takes to exceed the customer’s expectations. Amazing job, Gaudence!

Serafina Barayandemo

Serafina has a great sense of humor, but when she’s working, she’s always focused on doing her best. She is open to new ways of doing things and improving her performance. She is part of a team that works at the Cedar Rapids Main Library and The Gazette. Great job, Serafina!

Innovation and Experimentation

Diego Villalpando

Diego is the Program Manager for Alliant. He is excellent at training new employees and helps shift people around when they are short-handed to ensure all tasks are completed. He has proven to be more than capable as a Team Leader. Thanks, Diego!

Mark McCalley

Mark is a Cleaning Specialist at the Water Administration building. Since the day he started he has been very organized and has consistently produced results that keep his customer very happy. Thanks, Mark!

Jessica Bruso

Jessica is a Team Leader at Hawkeye Community College and has been with us for several years. Recently she was very instrumental in helping us change the schedule from zone cleaning to team cleaning and when changes were made to our original staffing plans. This was not an easy task and she did a great job of offering well thought out suggestions. Great job, Jessica!

Ethics and Integrity

Nermin Cerimovic

Nermin is a Maintenance Tech at Hawkeye Community College. He is regularly complimented by numerous employees at the college for the great job he does and for his pleasant demeanor. He never gets complaints about his work and can always be counted on to get the job done right the first time. Thanks for all you do, Nermin!