Des Moines District 2017 Value Awards Winners

Our annual Employee Stock Ownership celebrations are designed to honor our employees and let us express our deepest thanks to these dedicated team members. We’re so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from our Des Moines District for their outstanding contributions over the past year and for the pride they take in the work they do.
-Terri Gogtap, President FBG Service Corporation


Antonio Soler

Antonio is a Cleaning Specialist for the City of Ankeny. He works diligently to provide a clean and healthy environment for our customer using our green cleaning protocols—all of which has resulted in improved Job Status Report scores. Quality is important to the success of our customers and we recognize Antonio for his continuous dedication. Thank you, Antonio!

Mike Berk

Mike started as a Cleaning Specialist at Northern Iowa Area Community College and is now at Auto Plus. As the sole employee at this facility, he has the unique opportunity to work closer to customers than colleagues. He represents FBG well. Thank you, Mike!

Stability and Growth

Billy Dykes

Billy is a Cleaning Specialist for MidAmerican Energy. He delivers on the little things our customer expects. He does and outstanding job caring for the hard wood floors and cleaning the carpets. MidAmerican is very happy with his work and we believe it’s because he is truly reliable. Thank you, Billy!

James “Jim” Larson

Jim is passionate about pleasing our customers at West Glen. His dedication shows in his high Job Status Report scores. Jim ensures that all tasks are performed to the satisfaction of the customer and his solid working relationship with his team further solidifies the stability of this account. Thank you, Jim!

Innovation and Experimentation

Tracie Lowe

Tracie works at Schuyler Community Schools. Her goal has been to create a culture where the team will be happy, productive and effective, resulting in improvements to Schuyler. Tracie understands how she communicates this information is as important as how it is implemented. Thank you, Tracie!

Tamatha Chlupach

Tamatha is now the Site Supervisor for 10 buildings at our Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny. Determined to improve the environment for her staff, Tamatha encourages collaboration. She redesigned job schedules, asks for input with decisions, and the team is now really engaged. Thank you, Tamatha!

Ethics and Integrity

Dalia Jaber

Dalia is a Cleaning Specialist at Woodward Granger School. Dalia is reliable and rarely misses a day. We appreciate her teamwork. Dalia is a role model as evidenced by her interactions with the students and staff. It’s in Dalia’s nature to learn and this enhances the culture of FBG and the school. Thank you, Dalia!

Mark Johnson

Mark exhibits a strong work ethic as well as integrity. He is polite, respectful and consistently demonstrates fiscal responsibility. He puts his heart into his work, raises team effectiveness and has an honesty that encourages open communication between supervisors, customers, and co-workers. Thank you, Mark!

People Development and Empowerment

Brenda Roberts

Brenda creates a favorable environment for the team by encouraging them to grow their skills. She is involved in revising job schedules resulting in higher productivity and she is loyal and supportive. Others want to work with Brenda because she leads from the heart. Thank you, Brenda!

Alicia Valdez

Alicia is our Site Supervisor for the CTL building and works at Orchard Place. Alicia provides the necessary tools, training and encouragement to help the team succeed. She ensures employees are confident in their skills so they will perform safely. A Value Award winner many times before, Alicia is a vital member of the FBG family. Thank you, Alicia!