Omaha/Lincoln District 2017 Value Award Winners

Our annual Employee Stock Ownership celebrations honor the dedication and hard work our employees give each and every day. We express our deepest thanks to these team members. It is our absolute pleasure to recognize the following Value Award winners from our Omaha/Lincoln District for their outstanding contributions over the past year and for the pride they take in the work they do. Congratulations on a job well done!
-Terri Gogtap, President FBG Service Corporation

Stability and Growth

Robert Wright

Robert is dedicated, loyal, and reliable – a stable force in creating the quality environment at Douglas County Civic Center. He has coached and helped maintain a consistent crew with minimal turnover at the Civic Center. He’s our go-to for snow removal, flood and all special projects. Thank you, Robert!

Larry Owen

Larry is a Lead at Nebraska City Public Schools. Larry has coached his team to make this a successful program. He does a great job in communicating and has built a stable crew resulting in minimal turnover. Larry has an excellent approach and is always looking for ways to maximize productivity. Thank you, Larry!

Debra Brown

Debra started as the cleaner, became the Lead at Douglas County Civic Center and is now a Site Supervisor at Gavilon headquarters. She works tirelessly to make sure the building is left in pristine condition nightly by her team. Thank you, Debra!

Ethics and Integrity

Agapita Rosales

Agapita works at Kiewit Plaza. She has keen eye for quality excellence. Her performance is one of the reasons that Kiewit Plaza is always immaculate. Agapita has a fantastic work ethic, a positive attitude and is a superstar on the Kiewit Campus. Thank you, Agapita!

Brian Sanley

Brian has an exceptional work ethic and is a valuable asset to FBG at the Lincoln Electric System Service Center. He was the only Day Porter until October when we began Lincoln Electric System’s Day Cleaning program. Brian has been instrumental with the success of the program. Thank you, Brian!

Peggy Christensen

Peggy has been with FBG since 1986. She worked as a Day Porter at Creighton Cardiac and is currently part of our Omaha District office team. She is dependable, has excellent attendance, a positive attitude and does whatever is asked of her. Thank you, Peggy!

People Development and Empowerment

Maria Garfias

Maria has great leadership skills and vibrant enthusiasm. Recognizing the potential in others, she helped develop Day Porter Denise Dymek to be her successor when she accepted the next opportunity as the Site Supervisor for UPRR Harriman Call Center. Thank you, Maria!


Adrian Martinez

Adrian was hired as a Supervisor in Training which involved learning about the accounts and positions for which he would be responsible, one account being Omaha Public Safety. After filling in for an employee there, the customer requested Adrian continue permanently. Thank you, Adrian!

Maria “Carmen” Leon Lopez

Maria is the Lead at Lincoln Electric System. When LES changed to Day Cleaning, Carmen took on the challenge with enthusiasm. She does an excellent job communicating with her team, supervisors and the customer. Thank you, Carmen!

Denise Dymek

Denise was hired as a Day Porter for InfoGroup. Her pleasant disposition and hard work have always been noticed by our Management team and more importantly, by our customer. She has recently been promoted to Site Supervisor. Thank you, Denise!

Edna Leak

Edna is reliable, has an excellent attendance record and will always help at other accounts. She has an eye for detail, does an outstanding job meeting customer expectations and following company procedures while achieving excellence. Thank you, Edna!