FBG 2024 Des Moines Employee of the Year Goes to Edie Stowers



Edith Stowers, affectionately known as Edie, is a shining star in the Des Moines District at FBG. With four years of dedicated service, Edie serves as the Program Manager at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny, Iowa.

Edie’s journey at FBG has been characterized by her commitment and proactive approach to her responsibilities. When the opportunity for a leadership role arose, Edie emerged as the natural choice, seamlessly stepping into the position with a dedication that set her apart.

As a leader, Edie is the driving force behind a clean, safe and healthy environment at Des Moines Area Community College. Her commitment is not merely a claim but a daily demonstration of truthfulness, transparency and solution-focused leadership. Edie’s actions serve as a role model for her peers because of her ability to execute tasks consistently.

Edie goes above and beyond to ensure the specific needs of the college are met, showcasing the importance of customer satisfaction. Responsible for several buildings on campus, Edie has fostered a strong team culture where employees support one another, from covering vacations to handling illnesses.

Edie’s leadership style revolves around ownership, responsibility and practical problem-solving. She places safety at the forefront of decision-making, ensuring alignment with company goals. Her efforts have significantly contributed to FBG’s success and reputation in custodial services.

Pat Carroll, FBG VP of Operations and Des Moines District Director, attests, “FBG is fortunate to have a leader in place that demonstrates the values so important to us as an employee-owned company.”

Edie is not only a professional powerhouse but also an academic achiever, holding a BA in Business Management from William Penn University. Her pursuit of excellence continues as she enrolls in coursework to earn her Registered Building Service Manager certification, showcasing her commitment to continuous improvement.

Outside of her professional life, Edie is a proud mother of two children—a son, 27, happily married to his high school sweetheart, and a daughter, 20, currently attending college. In her downtime, Edie enjoys reading and cherishing quality moments with her children.

Edie is a true model of dedication, leadership and excellence at FBG. Her story is not just one of personal success but a testament to the values that FBG holds dear. Congratulations to Edie for being named Des Moines Employee of the Year. A well-deserved honor for an exceptional leader!