FBG 2024 Quad Cities Employee of the Year is Awarded to Lonna Davis



In the heart of Quad Cities, Lonna Davis stands out as a shining example of dedication and excellence, earning her the prestigious title of Quad Cities Employee of the Year. With three years of commitment at FBG, Lonna has become an integral part of the team.

Lonna’s versatility has been a cornerstone of her success. On numerous occasions, she has stepped up to the plate, servicing multiple accounts when the team faced staffing challenges. Demonstrating exceptional leadership, Lonna even provided supervision at a large customer account in the absence of the designated supervisor.

What sets Lonna apart is her steadfast commitment to her word. She follows through on promises, building solid relationships with her accounts and consistently going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. For example, when faced with the challenge of transitioning cleaning chemical vendors for her current account, Lonna facilitated a seamless process, overseeing dispenser installations and distribution of new chemicals.

Scott Hess, District Director in Quad Cities, highlights Lonna’s outstanding trait—her honesty and integrity.

“If Lonna says she’s going to do something, she does it. We can rely on her to be accountable for her own performance,” says Scott.

Lonna’s commitment goes beyond everyday responsibilities. For example, when one of her accounts rerouted a walkway, she stepped in to avert a potentially hazardous situation when a fellow employee accidentally entered the wrong path of an oncoming forklift. This not only highlights her professionalism but her genuine concern for the well-being of her colleagues.

Lonna’s work results speak volumes, earning her admiration at every account she touches. Her thoroughness and ability to maintain momentum throughout her shift have garnered numerous compliments. Lonna’s dedication to her craft is evident in her completion of CST1 and CST2, along with mastering the intricacies of clean room work with minimal foreign object debris.

Beyond the professional realm, Lonna is one of six children, with two sisters and three brothers. She is a proud mother of three and a doting grandmother to six grandchildren. Baking cookies with her grandkids during the holidays and taking them to the park are among her favorite activities.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, integrity and commitment to excellence, Lonna Davis stands tall as Quad Cities Employee of the Year. Congratulations, Lonna!