FBG 2024 Employee of the Year is Awarded to Shawna Hernandez in Omaha, Nebraska



At FBG, Shawna Hernandez stands as a model of excellence and dedication, earning her the well-deserved title of FBG’s Employee of the Year. With an impressive four-year journey at FBG, Shawna has made a lasting impact in the Omaha, Nebraska district as a supervisor in the Red Oak, Iowa area.

A true leader, Shawna thrives during challenges and embraces opportunities to make a positive impact. Her commitment to maintaining accurate records, always aligning with the company’s values, sets her apart. Shawna is a strong advocate for continuous improvement, consistently seeking ways to enhance her and her team’s performance.

Shawna’s mechanical inclination is an asset, ensuring that equipment is not only in working condition but also issues are diagnosed when breakdowns occur. Safety is at the forefront of her leadership. She takes proactive measures to schedule trainings and review policies, creating a secure working environment for everyone.

Her joy for work is infectious, inspiring her team to match her dedication. Even in challenging times, Shawna remains resilient, finding solutions with a positive attitude. Her organizational skills, problem-solving approach and commitment to excellence have earned admiration from her manager, Julio Jimenez, who acknowledges,

“Shawna is very organized, always looking for solutions and asking questions when in doubt.
She makes my job that much easier.”

Shawna’s involvement goes beyond the workplace, extending into the community where she supervises several accounts. Her connection to the local schools, with her own children attending, reflects her deep involvement in the community. Recognized not only by FBG customers but also by other businesses in the area, Shawna is a true community leader.

Married to Fernando Hernandez, Shawna is a proud mother of three girls: Adriana, Mariela and Abigail. Her family values and commitment to community make her not just an outstanding employee but also a role model in the Omaha district.

In recognition of her exceptional leadership and dedication, Shawna Hernandez rightfully earns the title of FBG Employee of the Year. Congratulations, Shawna!