FBG Cedar Rapids 2024 Value Award Winners

Each year, FBG honors exceptional individuals in every District with a value award, highlighting their embodiment of one of our five core values.

  • Ethics and Integrity
  • People Development and Empowerment
  • Quality
  • Innovation and Experimentation
  • Growth and Stability

Each winner is nominated by their supervisor or district director. Read more about each winner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa below.

Emina Okanovic
Cleaning Specialist at CBE
Growth and Stability

Emina’s reliability, coupled with her meticulous approach to her work, have played a crucial role in maintaining customer satisfaction over her 13 years at FBG. Her keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of her responsibilities is executed flawlessly, leaving no room for error in meeting customer needs. Beyond her ability to uphold stability, Emina’s efforts have also contributed to the growth of FBG’s services with CBE. Her role in the success of a CBE project in Cedar Falls led to further opportunities with them in Clarksville, Tennessee. Emina’s dedication and hard work has paved the way for the company’s growth.

Frank Zarifis
Cleaning Specialist at Prairie Creek Generating

One of Frank’s standout qualities is his attention to detail, not only in his work but also in the maintenance of tools and equipment. He understands the importance of tools and equipment that not only look good but work well too. This reflects positively on FBG and enhances the company’s reputation. Cleaning an electric generating plant is hard work, but Frank’s efforts do not go unnoticed. Prairie Creek Generating thinks very highly of Frank. His strong work ethic is a rare and invaluable trait that sets him apart.

Jamie Estling
Operations Supervisor in Waterloo and Cedar Falls
People Development and Empowerment

From the moment Jamie started as a cleaning specialist at one of Cedar Rapid’s largest accounts, she demonstrated exceptional teamwork, responsibility and leadership qualities. This set a high standard for her colleagues. Recognized for her performance and positive influence, Jamie transitioned to her current role as an Area Supervisor, showcasing her strong organizational and interpersonal skills. The impact of Jamie’s promotion was felt immediately. Her ability to problem-solve and motivate others proved invaluable in enhancing team performance and operational efficiency. Under her guidance, employee morale improved, turnover rates decreased and overall customer satisfaction soared. Jamie’s genuine care and consideration for others fostered a supportive and respectful work environment, earning her the admiration and respect of her peers.

John Rochford
Cleaning Specialist at Ingredion
Ethics and Integrity

John’s proactive approach to identifying and addressing areas of value for the customer demonstrates his integrity and commitment to excellence. John’s reliability and steadfastness shone brightly during a strike at Ingredion. The strike increased his workload and altered his responsibilities, but he remained resolute in his commitment to the customer without missing a single day. His presence and dedication have been deeply appreciated by the customer, who has expressed gratitude for his exceptional service directly to his manager.

Larry McEowen
Cleaning Specialist at BAE
Innovation and Experimentation

Larry’s innovative approach to problem-solving and his willingness to experiment with new ideas make him a standout for the Innovation and Experimentation Award. During his shift, Larry uses a restroom cart to carry his equipment and supplies on. To better store his supplies, he made some minor modifications to the cart. The minor modifications Larry made not only demonstrate his ability to think outside the box but also reflect his commitment to optimizing efficiency and organization. His innovative solutions have not only improved his own productivity but have also enhanced the overall professionalism of FBG’s services.