Welcome our Spring 2024 New Employee Owners

Twice a year, FBG celebrates the induction of new employee owners as they embark on their journey of shared ownership through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This pivotal moment not only marks their official entry into our ownership culture but also signifies their eligibility to engage in our 401k plan, a vital tool for accelerating wealth accumulation towards retirement. The individuals listed below have demonstrated their commitment through a year of dedicated service prior to April 1st, have diligently logged at least 1,000 hours of work during the prior year and are at least the age of 21. Each of them will soon receive a comprehensive welcome packet (as pictured above) via mail.

At FBG, we firmly believe that employee ownership is not just a program, but a cornerstone of our organizational ethos. It fosters a sense of belonging, aligns incentives with long-term success and cultivates a culture of collaboration and accountability. By empowering our employees to have a stake in the company’s success, we are not only investing in their financial futures but also nurturing a community-driven environment where everyone has a vested interest in the company’s prosperity and growth. The employee ownership model not only enhances individual financial security but also fortifies our resilience and competitiveness in the market, driving us towards sustained excellence and prosperity.

Welcome our Spring 2024 New Employee Owners

Cedar Rapids

Austin Smith
Jackson Gracey
Jade Bergmann
Javier Molina
Larry Mceowen
Marinette Bolumbu
Michele Tyler
Suzette Mounce
Tony Ague
Vanessa Santana
Vivian Colekraty

Colorado Springs

Ana Montes
Anthony Steyer
Anthony Martinez
Dorothy Steyer
Dustin Schneweis
Leonardo Padilla
Magdalena Bojarska
Rebecca Rahmig
Ruben Gonzales
Walter Marcano

Des Moines

Angela Jolly
Ashley Stoneburner
Brenda Riseley
Gina Payne
Greisy Banegas Spilsbury
Jacqueline Watts
Kymberly Lawrence
Nga Meh
Tania Mendoza Ramirez


Elizabeth Franco-Gonzales


Adilene Diaz-Chavez
Denise Harris
Ella Muhleka
Esther Concepcion-Cordero
Gabriela Pineiro
Gustavo Gonzalez-Rodriguez
Katiria Rodriguez-Santiago
Latosha Gleason
Laura Torres-Iraheta
Magnolia Holland
Monique Exkano
Paula Morales
Rachel Garcia
Stephanie Alcantar Garibo

Quad Cities

Cassidy Matthews
Dorothy Carney
Erica Cervantes Diaz
Kristin Simmons
Maribel Ortiz De Raygoza
Monica Colvin
Nathaniel McDermott
Nicole McMeekan
Pascual Acevado-Iturriaga
Rita Harris
Ronda Beale
Tanya Wright
Tesha Rowans