FBG Supporting BioLife Plasma Services

When it comes to healthcare, FBG is proud to support the health and safety of the donors and staff for 162 BioLife Plasma donation facilities throughout the country. 

Last year, in addition to our already rigorous cleaning protocols, we increased the cleaning and disinfecting of all their high touch points – from finger scanners to common areas. 

These services are delivered through a combined effort of our managed services team and five of our district offices including Colorado Springs, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Quad Cities and Omaha. The dedicated BioLife management team of Andy Hooyman, Ashley Ibach, and Duane Short, were recently faced with an urgent situation for a BioLife center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

We needed a trained cleaning team to service this facility over one cold weekend in February. With labor being scarce and the facility being so remote, we were low on options. That’s when the BioLife managers turned directly to its closest resource, our FBG district office in Colorado. 

District Director Roy Van Esselstine and his team responded immediately. Operations Director, Erica Mogensen, headed to Scottsbluff, NE and met up with our Western Nebraska managers, Marcos Gutierrez and Ronda Hewett (pictured). Together, they wasted no time in getting to Cheyenne where they spent the weekend taking care of this facility. 

All BioLife facilities are managed by our customer ISS Facility Services. Regional Manager for ISS, Tim Hilty, said “ISS and BioLife were impressed that FBG was able to respond so quickly without a lapse in service that we really avoided any dire consequences. Thanks to the entire FBG team for the quick response in resolving this issue.”

Head of BioLife Operations & Maintenance Engineering, Wade McKinney, CMRP, set up a call with the FBG team to thank them, saying, “Janitorial service is key to keeping our doors open. Our doors staying open equates to saving people’s lives.” 

“Now, more than ever, blood donors have an opportunity to make a difference in the community through plasma donation, and we are committed to making treatment options available for patients who rely on plasma-derived medications,” said Jacy Cizek, manager of the BioLife Plasma Services Omaha center.

 PLASMA DONORS HELP SAVE LIVES. The plasma collected at BioLife Plasma Services is processed into a wide variety of life-saving therapeutics that treat serious disorders such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies as well as victims of shock and burns. 

Plasma is not a substance that can be produced in a laboratory. It can only be obtained from healthy adults. TO DONATE, SIGN UP ONLINE: BIOLIFEPLASMA.COM