Flood Assistance

FBG Process Improvement Director Guy Robarge delivers donated goods.

When the Missouri River and its tributaries started to rise in March, the news began the flood warnings. But there was no way to know how bad it would get. It was the perfect storm of weather events. Following a winter of record snowfall, another three feet fell in early March onto frozen ground. Then the temperatures rose and quickly melted the snow but the frozen ground wasn’t able to absorb all the moisture. Combine that with massive chunks of ice that traveled downstream and you have a massive nightmare for many.

Thanks to local organizers and a large and empty big-store facility, a central location for donations was created. Many of the items needed were things we use every day at FBG: cleaning products, gloves, masks, etc. So, we placed a large order with our supplier (SupplyWorks) and delivered them as soon as they arrived. Thank you to FBG Process Improvement Director, Guy Robarge, for doing all the heavy lifting for all the many families in need. It was a moving sight to see them leaving the store with all the supplies they were able to gather – and at no cost to them.