How To Reduce School Absenteeism This Cold & Flu Season

Studies have shown that students who miss just two days of school each month are more likely to fail at math and reading, and that chronic absenteeism decreases the likelihood of graduation. While many factors contribute to students missing school, the school environment does not have to be one of them.Electrostatic Disinfection-Outdoors

Nearly 22 million school days are missed each year due to colds alone. Schools face the challenge of managing many high-touch surfaces throughout the cold and flu season, with many young children still learning their role in preventing the spread of germs. Traditional disinfection techniques can be time consuming and inconsistent, so we’ve adopted a new method of disinfection to efficiently provide reliable results.

FBG’s Electrostatic Disinfection System (EDS) produces small, electrically charged microdroplets that repel each other rather than overlapping. This enables the disinfectant to safely penetrate 100% of all exposed and hidden surfaces. Common areas, classrooms, play equipment and day cares can all benefit from electrostatic disinfection. It’s safe for sensitive equipment like keyboards, too.

We have decades of experience keeping schools clean and healthy within their budgets.  Our commitment to using the right equipment and materials for the job at hand leads to cost-efficient and effective cleaning. From custodial services to facilities maintenance; from the kitchen to the gym floor; from classrooms to special events; we help schools save time, hassle and money with every project.

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