Mailbag Monday — Week of October 12th, 2020

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From: Carolanne Chouteau, Public Services Coordinator, Rock Island Public Library Southwest, Rock Island, IL

To: Angela Campbell , and, Jana Feyen, Operations Manager, Quad Cities District 

Just wanted to pass along how much I appreciate Jen Hardyman, our cleaning gal. She has been so good about leaving me notes and had even provided her phone number. This came in handy so that I could give her warning about the downpour. I let her know about the issues it created and she really stepped up by removing some duct tape that had fallen, then laid down large garbage bags to provide a barrier to the carpet. Very little water came in. She also checked the ceiling tiles and she said there was no leakage.

She’s very proactive and accommodating and I really appreciate that – please pass on my thanks to our cleaning service so they know Jen’s working out very well for us.