Omaha Names Its 2017 Employee of the Year Mohamed Mohamed

Mohamed’s dedication is apparent in his willingness to learn new skills and help others. He’s an innovative thinker and brings new ideas for cleaning stainless steel that is now an adopted process.

Omaha District's 2017 Employee of the Year

Mohamed Mohamed, Omaha District’s 2017 Employee of the Year

His commitment to FBG and our customers is evident by his stellar attendance record and interest in learning so he can increase his skill set. He’s a well-respected team member who will help with car repairs or transportation needs.

As a Sudanese refugee, he arrived in the United States not yet knowing how to speak English. He not only learned the language of his new home, but two new trades as well: Floor Tech and Mechanic! He now helps other refugees settle successfully in Omaha and transition to their new lives.

Mohamed has been married for 20 years, has four kids and is dedicated to his faith and his family. He truly embodies the FBG culture by building pride in his work, his family and his community.

From all of us at FBG, Mohamed, congratulations!