Humble Beginnings, Extraordinary Growth

PayPal was established in December 1998 in Ceresco, Nebraska, as Confinity, a company that developed security software for handheld devices. Remember the Palm Pilot? The company now helps buyers and sellers manage and move money in more than 200 markets around the world.

In March of 2000, Confinity merged with, an online banking company founded by Elon Musk in Palo Alto.

After the merger, PayPal settled in Omaha. There, they could take advantage of the area’s large fiber optic system that provides one of the world’s most secure phone network and the readily understandable local dialect.

The company grew quickly from its new home. PayPal’s Claudia Erickson, the current Assistant Facility Manager, was hired in May of 2000 in the customer service department. She quickly became part of an escalation team to help the company manage its growth.

Today, PayPal occupies two 140,000 square foot buildings, each of which houses 2,600 employees. The campus is a 24/7/365 call center facility, which means the FBG janitorial teams work those same hours.

With facilities all over the world, PayPal upholds not only a clean, safe and healthy environment standard, they also require their teams and business partners to be culturally aware and friendly. Claudia said, “The PayPal team is made up of many different, beautiful cultures, and is keenly aware of the need to adapt and be respectful.”

“Your teams really pay attention to the details and now everything is as it should be.” Claudia Erickson, Assistant Facilities Manager, PayPal 

As with other companies of similar size, compliance with security regulations is critical to PayPal, and its protocols are getting increasingly stringent. PayPal is sharply focused on adhering to background checks for all vendors and all who have building or systems access.

Claudia has extensive facilities experience, but she is new to her role leading the management of these two buildings and she appreciates FBG’s Operations Manager, Hector Peralta, in helping her meet daily challenges. “Because we are so large, open communication is encouraged—and it goes both ways. Hector has been absolutely wonderful. He replies to me quickly and we meet often. Key team member, Yuridia ‘Judy’ Alvarado, and the day crew are very hard workers and I appreciate their efforts as well. I’ve noticed this last year that Judy’s team appreciates her and are happy to do whatever she asks.”

“When we made the move to change cleaning companies, things were not getting done. Thanks to FBG, our buildings are looking clean again. The team is making a real difference. Hector and the crew really pay attention to the details and now everything is as it should be,” said Claudia.

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