Rockridge Alumni Returns

Rockridge is a small, close-knit school district of five schools that play a big role in this rural community of Western Illinois. The staff at FBG is at the heart of all these schools providing cleaning, disinfecting, maintenance, snow removal and lawn care. 

FBG Program Manager Christine Bragg, along with her three children and the majority of the FBG staff are Rockridge alumni. According to Bragg, ‘It’s like a big family. When one of the team has a birthday, I’ll bring in their favorite foods or we’ll have a potluck and everyone joins in, even the superintendent. Having a sit-down meal together is the best way to get to know one another.”  

In 2017, Bragg was twice honored for her work. She was first selected as FBG’s Employee of the Year and then was chosen as the Building Service Contractor Association’s Custodian of the Year. These honors reflect the type of leadership she brings. 

Before school began, the FBG team focused on the preparation details. Beyond the deep cleaning, they changed ceiling tiles, painted, strip and waxed floors, switched out dispensers and more. The week before classes, they went through the classrooms to make sure they were clean, fresh and crisp.

Now that school has started, they’re focused on disinfecting the high touch points two to three times a day. The school has five lunch periods and in the five minutes between each group, the FBG team sweeps in to help the kitchen staff wipe down and disinfect the lunch tables and empty trash.

The disinfecting continues in the classroom where they attend to the student desks daily. They make sure the teachers always have a bottle of disinfectant and a microfiber cloth on hand. 

Thanks to the entire Rockridge family for making sure this school remains clean, safe and healthy!

“The Rockridge CUSD #300 is fortunate to have local people employed by FBG to perform cleaning, maintenance, snow removal and lawncare. These residents of the district take pride in all our buildings!”Superintendent, Perry Miller