Score a Touch Down With Your Cleaning Program

Everyone knows the flu season will soon be upon us. Our children can’t learn from home so why not take every opportunity to help keep them in school by (investing in) or (helping create) a sustainable, clean and healthy environment. When it comes to disinfecting a facility, no one does it better than FBG.

The Electrostatic Disinfection System (EDS) uses an induction-charged electrostatic sprayer that atomizes a disinfectant upon surfaces resulting in full and even coverage without the threat of lingering aerosols. The no-touch applicator eliminates cross-contamination and is safe to use on sensitive equipment. The chemical is negatively charged by the sprayer and is literally driven into the substrates. The negatively charged droplets essentially compete for space, do not overlap, enabling the disinfectant to penetrate 100% of all exposed and hidden surface areas.

FBG can break the chain of infection on the 1st pass!

Contact your FBG Representative now to hear more about how we can disinfect your facility with our superior chemical delivery system that provides 100% surface coverage of all exposed and hidden surfaces with our Hospitable grade disinfectant.