The Value of a Strong Operational Team

Written by Ryan McDougall, Minnesota/Wisconsin District Director 

Internal Manager Cameka McCreary and I met recently with the staff of Kannabec County and the City of River Falls. Though we are confident in our work, one never knows what news may be shared.

Thankfully, the City Director complimented us on our consistency with our monthly and quarterly meetings for these last two years and stated that this was both unheard of and impressive. It was mentioned that many companies change management teams so often, you lose consistency and operational value.

Our strong operational foundation helped the continuity of service.

The fact that even with on-site employee changes, he felt we had such an operationally solid foundation that we helped the continuity of service through training, follow-up and communication. Essentially, our operational strength is bar none. And, while I expect this from all our customers, it was nice to hear. We appreciate kind words from our customers, thank you!

– Ryan McDougall, Minnesota/Wisconsin District