Top 5 Considerations for Winter Facility Management

A harsh winter adds extra stress to the already busy load of a facility manager. The safety and facility hazards that come with excess snow and ice are real and require immediate attention.

Snow removal

Efficient and effective snow removal is essential to keeping your facility operational and safe for employees. Some cleaning and maintenance service providers, such as FBG, provide snow removal services, too. Selecting a company to manage it all will save you time and money in managing your facility

Ice management

Ice will become your number one concern as snow melts and refreezes. Correct usage of ice melt will ensure you don’t create greater hazards. (Here are some great tips. )

Entrance matting

Proper installation and care of entrance matting will reduce the amount of snow and grit tracked into your building, protecting your floors and reducing the risk for falls. We have some tips for getting it right here.

Floor care

Grit and chemicals tracked in from slushy sidewalks are abrasive, damaging hard and carpeted floors alike. Proper floor care means your finishes will be protected, avoiding wear that causes floors to look dirty even when clean.

Roof care

Large volumes of snow on a flat roof can strain the structure and potentially cause leaks. Inspections, repairs & snow management are non-negotiable.

Now is the time to evaluate your plan for handling winter weather. Contact us and we’ll walk you through everything you need to consider to successfully maintain your facility this winter.

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