BSCAI 2018


Rocky Mountain
District Director Randy Zornes, unsuccessfully participating in a timed vacuuming contest.

The FBG team once again made its annual trek to the Building Service Contractor’s Association International show, this year in Dallas, TX. This show is held in conjunction with the ISSA—The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association annual conference. Together, the gatherings are the leading resource for information, education, networking, and commercial opportunities, as well as the leading voice in government and the community for firms within the cleaning industry.

Attending the trade show allows us to expand our knowledge, skills, and offerings to our customers. This show is where we learn about new innovations in products and services. The Innovation Awards are always interesting. This year, the winner was the Unger Excella™ by Unger Enterprises. The Unger Excella combines dual-swivel handles and a self-guiding S-curve pole, providing a mopping system that is self-steering. The system is the first to include a height adjustable pole and the ability to dispense liquid from the bottle on board. This combination provides dramatically faster cleaning with less strain, stress, and effort than any other mop currently available. The Unger Excella™ is suitable for use on all hard floor surfaces for spot mopping, wet mopping, dusting, and floor finishing.


Process Improvement Director Guy Robarge, talks with a vendor about their product offering.

Another highlight was the keynote speaker. This year it was a fireside chat with former President of the United States George W. Bush.