Value Awards: Cedar Rapids

We want to congratulate the Cedar Rapid winners of the 2019 Employee Value Awards. The Employee Value Awards give us the opportunity to recognize winners for their outstanding contributions to FBG.


Bobbie Gogel Bobbie has worked for FBG since 2016. She has consistently proven to be one of our most reliable employees, and one that has a great eye for detail. Every location where she has worked has seen immediate improvements in overall quality and happy customers. Thank you, Bobbie for watching the details and everything you do to keep our customers satisfied. 

Emina Okanovic Emina has been a full-time employee since 2011. While she has worked for numerous accounts over the years, she now works with the CBE Group at their home office in Cedar Falls. In fact, the client specifically requested Emina after she proved herself at another CBE Group site. She doesn’t miss shifts and works hard every day earning praise from our client and consistent perfect scores on QCC surveys. Thank you, Emina, for all your hard work, dedication and performing your task with quality in mind.

Patty Meyer Patty has worked with FBG for three years. She has proven time and again to be a very reliable employee that takes pride in her work. She always keeps the customer happy with her exceptional dedication to her job. . Thank you, Patty, for being someone we count on to consistently deliver a great customer experience!

Ethics & Integrity:

Andrea Geissler A customer recently told us that she was eating in the breakroom and dropped a $20 bill. A few minutes after she left the break room, Andrea came to her office and said, “I found this under the chair where you were eating,” and Andrea gave her the $20. The customer continued, “Not only does she do a great job of picking up after all of us, but she demonstrated the values of somebody we can trust implicitly in our building.” Thank you, Andrea, for all your honesty and commitment. 

Damir Bajramovic Damir joined FBG early in 2015 where he has worked at several customer locations. Last year, Damir found a wallet of a MidAmerican employee during his shift. He placed the wallet safely in the office of a manager at MidAmerican and included a note to ensure the wallet got back to its rightful owner. We appreciate your honesty and integrity in all you do, Damir! Thanks for representing us all with honor.

Stability & Growth:

Christopher Wahler Chris has worked with FBG for about two and a half years. He has grown into a Site Supervisor position at his current account. Chris’ dedication has helped strengthen ties with the customer which has led to sizable growth. Thank you, Chris, for performing your job with an eye on our growth!

Frank (Francisco) Estrada Frank has been a full-time employee since 2011 and is now as a full-time float and floor technician. Frank is consistently assigned to Biolife locations and performs without a single complaint at these challenging assignments. Due to his high level of performance in both cleaning and floor work, Frank helps us maintain and grow our business. Thank you, Frank, for your dedication to our growth!

People Development & Empowerment:

Jamie Niemeyer When FBG was awarded the Unity Point contract in 2018, Jamie Niemeyer was hired as the Supervisor. She has learned new processes, chemicals, equipment and the expectations of FBG. While four team members were on medical leave, during which a large construction clean-up project was underway, Jamie’s sense of humor and calm demeanor further endeared her to our client and her team mates. Thank you, Jamie, for keeping your eye on the client’s needs and for expanding your knowledge!

Patrick Kaziri Patrick has been with FBG since March 2011 and is a vital team member. He is instrumental on translating policies, rules, job schedules and consistently encourages his coworkers to grow within FBG in order to assume more responsibility. Patrick, thanks for being such a supportive team member!

Innovation & Experimentation:

Chad Morgan Chad, a seasoned mechanic, joined the maintenance team at Hawkeye Community College as the Fleet Mechanic in 2016. Chad took it upon himself to drive to Dysart where the carts are purchased and negotiated a deal that allowed him to purchase used parts from other carts to use instead of purchasing new parts, resulting in substantial savings. Chad, thanks for trying something different and making responsible decisions that help our client and FBG!