Value Awards: Colorado

We want to congratulate the Colorado winners of the 2019 Employee Value Awards. The Employee Value Awards give us the opportunity to recognize winners for their outstanding contributions to FBG.


Shira Ellen-Lewis & Deanna Widic Shira and Deanna clean the USA Volleyball account and the customer could not be happier with their performance, quality, and integrity. This team has scored a perfect 5 on all JSR’s since they have started. Their teamwork and partnership are to be commended. They have found valuables and are quick to return them and explain where they were found. The customer says that their integrity matches their exceptional quality of work. Bravo, Shira and Dee! You are a positive force and we appreciate your efforts! 

Zachary Padilla Zach does an outstanding job on all floor types. He has resurrected old carpet and his hard floors are outstanding—an especially difficult task in a manufacturing environment. We continually receive compliments from the client as well as visitors on the condition of the floors throughout the facilities he maintains. Zach, thanks for making those floors, and FBG, look so good!

Windi Thomason Windi has excelled in her responsibilities at her current site, and has also lent her skills and dedication to many other sites throughout Colorado. She’s always willing to help when needed, where ever needed. When the job is assigned to Windi there is with no doubt that the job will be completed with the highest of quality. Thank you, Windi, for your dedication and loyalty!

Vanessa Williams Vanessa helps oversee four multi-tenant buildings, maintaining the highest standards this customer has. In fact, because of her stellar performance, Vanessa has been given additional responsibilities at a medical facility. Thank you for your awesome performance, Vanessa!

Ethics & Integrity:

Trent Stewart During each assignment he’s been given, Trent holds not only himself to the highest standards but ensures both his own supervisor and the customer are on the same page so that a clean and healthy environment for all can be maintained. It takes a strong personality to hold everyone accountable. As an owner, Trent makes it his mission to complete assigned tasks, remain safe, all while ensuring the client is happy. Thanks, Trent, for being so diligent!

People Development & Empowerment:

Johnathan Whitlock Johnathan returned to FBG when the team was awarded Ellicott school district where Johnathan had worked previously. Johnathan has done a wonderful job connecting the needs of the district and ensuring our technicians understand the customer’s scope. Thank you, John, for continuing to develop the team and empowering them to be the best owners they can be.

Innovation & Experimentation:

Jimmy Pool Jimmy works with the crew at Collins Aerospace in Pueblo in a variety of capacities. He is always thinking of the best ways to complete different jobs, assignments and requests in the most efficient manner possible. His organization skills have received several compliments from the client as well as his team members. Thank you, Jimmy! We appreciate your ability to think outside the box!