Value Awards: Corporate

We want to congratulate the corporate winners of the 2019 Employee Value Awards. The Employee Value Awards give us the opportunity to recognize winners for their outstanding contributions to FBG.


Pat Danforth Pat Danforth has consistently provided quality work throughout his tenure with FBG. He has played a pivotal role in our success with key account Alliant Energy. Pat has grown with FBG and earned the respect of our client. When the time came to fill the position of Senior Field Operations Manager for Wisconsin, Alliant Energy asked FBG if Pat could be chosen for the position. Fortunately for FBG, when Alliant Energy outsourced this role to us, we were able to retain Pat as part of our work family. Thank you, Pat, for the contributions you have made to our success!

Ethics & Integrity:

Tom Davis After many years with Alliant Energy where he earned the respect of his colleagues, Tom joined FBG in 2016. Alliant had come to know Tom as someone they could depend on to be honest and to do the right thing. When the time came to make the case for FBG retaining this key contract in 2018, Tom was a natural choice to join the presentation team, and his efforts helped FBG retain the business. Thank you, Tom, for exemplifying Ethics and Integrity through all that you do!

Distinguished Service:

Judy Hollinger While the structure and staff of our Accounting department has evolved over the years, Judy Hollinger has remained our constant. What an amazing 24 years she’s given to FBG! Judy has been many things: someone we can depend on to watch over our budgets, someone who will question when something doesn’t seem right, someone that helps us recall people & events from history, and someone who eagerly facilitates FBG FUN to remind us who we are, a team

Judy, know that you have a grateful FBG team behind you that will remember your contributions, the difference you have made in our lives both personally and professionally, and who wish you all the best. We will miss you!

Stability & Growth:

Steve Simmonds Steve is being recognized for the significant role he played in the renewal and growth of one of our most important clients, Alliant Energy. Thanks to the leadership, determination and perseverance shown by Steve, FBG successfully competed for a new contract with Alliant Energy. Thank you, Steve, for your dedication to making FBG flourish! 

Tina Heisterkamp It’s not easy to join a new company and step into a position that has been filled by the same person for 25 years. Tina Heisterkamp, FBG’s VP of Finance, did just that in October 2017 and we could not be any better for it today. In this executive leadership role, Tina quickly earned the respect of all those around her. Not one to make assumptions, she asked a lot of questions, listened and observed. In the last year, Tina has brought many process improvements forward and strengthened the support that is so critical to our Operations and Customers. Information is viewed in a different way today and accessible by those who need it to make decisions. Tina has built a tremendous trust and reputation for making a positive difference every day. Thank you, Tina for making a difference.

People Development & Empowerment:

Guy Robarge Guy is being recognized for his efforts in preparing FBG and the Omaha team for the recent CIMS-GB recertification audit. His leadership helped us meet 143 criteria and resulted in FBG receiving the prestigious “with Honors” designation. Through his attention to detail, preparation and successful mentoring, the audit resulted in no substantial findings and allowed both supervisors and managers to ensure their accounts were ready and met the CIMS criteria. Thank you, Guy, for leading our quest for continuous improvement.