Value Awards: Quad Cities

We want to congratulate the Quad Cities winners of the 2019 Employee Value Awards. The Employee Value Awards give us the opportunity to recognize winners for their outstanding contributions to FBG.


Shawn Collins Shawn started with FBG in June 2015 as a Cleaning Specialist at Rockridge Schools. When a very demanding position became available at Raymond Manufacturing, FBG knew Shawn was the right person for the job. Shawn has not had a single complaint since he took over at Raymond, and our scores reflect his exceptional service. Shawn, you exemplify the FBG Value of Quality! Congratulations! 

Gerald Neece Gerald returned to FBG in 2014 as a Lawn Care Specialist for Rockridge Schools. We have received many compliments over the years regarding the quality of the Rockridge School grounds, including several from the Superintendent. What a source of pride! Gerald has also been willing to work on projects outside the lawn care scope when needed and does a great job there as well. Congratulations, Jerry! Thanks for your hard work, flexibility and dedication.

Carolyn Molina Carolyn came back to FBG in April 2018 as Team Lead at our Genesis Crow Valley location. With 28 years of cleaning experience, she quickly advanced to Operations Supervisor. Carolyn has had no complaints as she and her team focused on providing the best service possible. She truly understands our customer’s needs. Carolyn exemplifies the FBG Value of Quality! Congratulations, Carolyn! Thank you for sharing your vast experience!

Innovation & Experimentation:

Jose De La Cruz Jose started with FBG in 2018 as a Lawn Care Specialist and is now in charge of the District’s warehouse as well as equipment maintenance and repair. He always looks for ways to streamline the warehouse and supply process. He reset some of our warehouse shelving to make the picking and loading of supplies easier for our operations team. He has also implemented preventative maintenance ideas, saving downtime and equipment repair costs. Congratulations Jose! Thank you for always thinking of how to do things better!

Ethics & Integrity:

Jana Feyen Jana started with FBG in January 2019 as a Floater. In this short period of time, she has served on many of our accounts without a single complaint. Jana does her work exactly as asked and without any issues. She is just as dependable, flexible and trustworthy in many of our higher security accounts. Congratulations, Jana! So glad to have you on the FBG team!

Julie Hamilton Julie started with FBG in June 2018 as a Cleaning Specialist at American Ordnance. In October she was promoted to Site Supervisor. Julie has an engaging personality and positive outlook that is simply contagious. She is dependable and does exactly what she says she is going to do to get the job done, even when presented with obstacles. Congratulations, Julie! Thank you for being such a wonderful addition to the FBG team!

People Development & Empowerment:

Ruth Coverdill Ruth started with FBG in 2018 as an Evening Cleaning Specialist at Riverdale Schools. From the beginning she has been an invaluable resource for the Riverdale Team. She has used her considerable breadth of skills to train, empower and further develop new and existing coworkers on a daily basis. Ruth, we appreciate all you do for FBG and Riverdale Schools. Congratulations!

Linsey Bean Jordan Linsey started with FBG in August 2012 as a Cleaning Specialist at Mediapolis Schools. Linsey takes great pride in helping those around her succeed. Whether training a new team member or helping an existing coworker feel empowered to solve an issue, Linsey consistently uplifts the entire Mediapolis team. She also volunteers to work with children with special needs at Mediapolis Schools. Linsey, you are a ray of light. Thank you for all you do. Congratulations!

Stability & Growth:

Kelly Findley Kelly started with FBG in 2016. As Operations Manager, she has provided tremendous stability for our Quad City District. These last 10 months have tested her resolve and with the help of her Operations Supervision Team, has had an admirable account retention record. Kelly has also done a great job selling extra project work to existing customers. As our new Market Manager, she is a great fit and will continue her the expansion of our district. Kelly, you are an amazing asset to our team. Congratulations!