Practice Workplace Safety

As the protective eyes and ears of our customers at the workplaces we care for, we are just as committed to the safety of our employees. Here are some safety rules we require our teams to follow everyday.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Wear your safety glasses and gloves when handling chemicals and other times when required. Wear safety goggles when required.

Always follow the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) directions for PPE. If you find you do not have the proper safety equipment, notify your supervisor.

Always read and follow label directions. Never use a bottle that does not have a label. If you find an unlabeled bottle, report it to your supervisor.

Always place “WET FLOOR” signs at all entry points of the area where the wet work is being performed, including wet carpet areas.

Never use electrical equipment with frayed or broken cords, nor electrical cords that are missing the ground prong at the plug end.