Des Moines District 2018 Value Awards

Our annual Employee Stock Ownership celebrations honor our employees and give us the opportunity to express our deepest thanks. We’re so pleased to recognize the following Value Award winners from Des Moines for their outstanding contributions over the past year.
-Terri Gogetap, President FBG Service Corporation


Mark Waters

Mark has an outstanding work ethic. His drive for quality outcomes is seen in the hours he pours into his project work, floating daily to multiple accounts and doing the extra work he is asked to do. Mark is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the job and is always there to offer help. No matter what is asked of him, the results of his efforts remains top notch. Bravo, Mark! Thanks for being such a great team player.

James Larson

James has floated between multiple accounts and his quality follows no matter what account he is assigned. He communicates with us and always helps until the last bit of work has been completed. While being asked to move between multiple accounts, Jim never complains and consistently keeps a smile on his face. James, your positive attitude is contagious. Thank you for all you do!


Maria Twidwell

Maria is being recognized for this award because of her desire to make sure everyone in the field knows the job and knows what tools to use to get the job done, thereby instilling confidence and purpose. She travels as needed without complaint and helps develop those with whom she works into becoming efficient FBG employees. Maria, we appreciate your positive influence, dedication and hard work!

Brenda Roberts

Brenda has worked with FBG for only a short time but has already proven that she deserves this award. Brenda has gone above and beyond to make sure all employees she works with realize and reach their full potential. Brenda’s mission is to teach her staff how to work efficiently and independently no matter what the task at hand. Thank you, Brenda, for your care for those with whom you work and the sense of pride you instill.


Brittney Vasquez

Brittney has built a reputation of being responsible and accountable. Brittney was placed into a unique promotional opportunity this past year where she felt uneven terrain. Rather than letting herself sink she taught herself to float, and then to fly. She has continued to pass her confidence onto her team who are appreciative to see an example of someone starting on the bottom rung and quickly reaching success. Thank you, Brittney, for being an inspiration to others.

Chelsie Danielson

Chelsie has an unwavering determination to make her account better; not only for her and her coworkers, but also for the client whom she works. Chelsie’s results-driven work ethic shows how much time and dedication she has put into her job. We have all seen her growth within the company and appreciate every step she has taken along the way. Chelsie, the future in which you are creating looks bright. Keep up the magnificent work!


Alicia Valdez

Alicia, has a real talent to quickly think of unique solutions. She’s constantly trying to develop better ways of training the diverse personalities on her team. Alicia is also our on-call Spanish translator and will help at a  moment’s notice on any account with our employees that communicate better and more comfortably in their native language. Alicia, thank you for sharing your many talents with us and your team members.

Ellen Van Blaricom

Ellen is a Byoplanet machine aficionado. She has successfully adapted the machine into quarterly use at her account, Cardinal Community Schools. Ellen also ensures that her team knows the ins and outs of keeping the school sanitized and healthy. Ellen, on behalf of FBG, the students and the faculty for whom you work so hard, thank you for helping to create a healthy learning environment.


Jim Burmeister

Jim Burmeister has a passion for every area of his job. He is curious and willing, and is always there to see his team through any challenge with sincerity, truthfulness and true FBG morality. Thank you, Jim, for being a beacon of trustworthiness!

Tommy Reaves

Tommy Reaves shows his ethics and integrity through not only his honesty with FBG, but also with the internal and external customers that he encounters. Tommy has a high sense of pride that comes through loud and clear in his work. He openly communicates and keeps his mind on doing the right thing, at the right time and for the right reasons by utilizing all of his FBG tools and resources. Tommy, you are a real source of pride for FBG and we are very thankful you are on our team!