Electrostatic Disinfection System (EDS) Helps Local Companies Reopen Safely

FBG Service Corporation Thanks the Teams that Deliver 

Please direct all press inquiries to Andy Petersen, Vice President Strategic Accounts, (402) 595-5094; apetersen@fbgservices.com.

FBG Service Corporation, a commercial cleaning and facilities maintenance company, is working with local companies, large and small alike, to clean and disinfect facilities using their Electrostatic Disinfection System, otherwise known as EDS. The FBG teams that are doing the disinfections continue to go above and beyond each and every day.

Electrostatics is the process of adding an electric charge to liquid droplets when sprayed. Within minutes, the fine mist dries and the solution bonds, providing a strong defense against viruses and bacteria. 

FBG’s Electrostatic Disinfection System (EDS) sprayer produces small, electrically charged microdroplets that repel (not overlap) each other, enabling the hospital-grade disinfectant used in the machine to reach 100% of all exposed – and hidden – surfaces. The disinfectant dries within minutes, requires no wiping, is EPA-registered, CDC-approved and has a kill claim for viruses like COVID-19. 

In addition to their usual protocols, FBG’s Emergency Response Teams have gone through extensive training and education on several Electrostatic Disinfection Systems offering three levels of disinfection. These team members know how to use and maintain the equipment as well as how to stay safe when using it.

FBG President & CEO, Terri Gogetap, said, “When we purchased the EDS units in 2016, the intent was to offer our clients an option for additional disinfection during flu seasons to prevent the spread. Now our teams are playing a huge role in getting the communities we serve back to work safely. We are so very appreciative of them and the work they do.” 

“Our teams are managing disinfections across our service area in facilities of all sizes,” said FBG Vice President Andy Petersen. “To be able to provide a customer with the peace of mind that comes with a cleaned and disinfected workplace is deeply gratifying. Our teams know the important role they play in helping cities recover from the current situation. We could not be prouder of them, their work ethic and their results.” 

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