FBG 2024 Cedar Rapids Employee of the Year is Awarded to Amber Ferry



In the Cedar Rapids District, Amber Ferry exemplifies a dedication to excellence, strong work ethic and leadership. With an impressive 20 years as a custodian, Amber has made a lasting impact during her three years at FBG.

Quickly rising through the ranks, Amber’s exceptional performance led to her promotion of Supervisor in January 2021, just 14 weeks after she started working for FBG. In her current role, she oversees janitorial services at 11 facilities with 20 full time and part time employees in the Fort Dodge, IA area for our esteemed client, Unity Point Health.

Amber’s commitment to excellence is evident in her perfect attendance record. During her first three days at FBG, she took ownership of her assigned clinics, excelling in quality, attitude and teamwork, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her leadership extends beyond routine responsibilities. When faced with staffing shortages, Amber volunteered to learn new clinic locations, mastered EDS, learned how to use the laundry facility and assisted with supplies.

Her mechanical aptitude ensures equipment is always in good condition. She has even willingly stepped into the role of a floor technician, learning how to clean carpets and mastering floor maintenance and operations so she could train other staff members.

Safety is paramount to Amber. She proactively schedules training, reviews policies and tackles construction clean-up projects with short turnarounds. Amber’s dedication to her team’s safety is exemplified by her swift actions in addressing security concerns, collaborating with local authorities and working directly with the client to ensure a secure working environment.

Amber demonstrated exceptional leadership during a power outage incident this past year. Despite generators failing, she kept in touch with nine impacted employees across three buildings using cell phones. Leveraging her knowledge of the facilities, she safely guided each staff member to the office with a flashlight, using her set of keys when badges and elevators were ineffective. Her professional and calm demeanor ensured her team was safe and secure.

Amber’s impact reaches beyond her immediate responsibilities. She plays a crucial role in establishing FBG as a company that delivers on its promises, especially during challenging situations. Her dedication to client satisfaction and her ability to navigate and resolve issues have brought FBG to new heights in the Northwest Iowa area.

“When I think about FBG’s Five Rights, ‘the right people, doing the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons, at the right time’, I think of Amber,” says Cedar Rapids Market Manager, Kay Volz. “She is simply one of the hardest working individuals who does everything within her ability for the success of her team.”

Beyond her professional achievements, Amber is a devoted mother of four children, one son and three daughters. Her eldest daughter also works for FBG. Congratulations to Amber Ferry on being named Cedar Rapids Employee of the Year!