FBG 2024 Colorado Springs Employee of the Year Goes to Tony Zapanta



In the Colorado Springs District, Antonio “Tony” Zapanta emerges as a leader, contributing eight years of dedication to FBG. Graduating as an electrician in the Philippines, Tony transitioned those skills to commercial cleaning when he moved to the United States in February of 2015.

Tony’s expertise shines in his role at Johnson & Johnson on the logistics side of the campus. However, his true distinction lies in his exceptional flexibility, often extending his support within the JABIL manufacturing components. With a large and very active medical manufacturing campus, Tony understands the need to be flexible, occasionally requiring him to start his workdays earlier and end later.

Known for his exceptional work ethic, Tony’s impact spans across the entire site and resonates with various supporting departments. Despite tempting job offers from different teams on campus, Tony has gracefully declined, expressing a deep loyalty to his FBG team.


Understanding the essence of being an employee-owned company, “Tony fully embraces the ownership mindset. He tirelessly proves each day why the client chose FBG, always looking for ways to add value and keep an eye out for the team,” says Colorado Springs District Director, Roy Van Esselstine.

Tony’s dedication goes beyond the workplace; it centers around his family. As a loving husband, father and grandpa, Tony focuses on providing for his family both in the United States and back in the Philippines. His aversion to taking time off, driven by the fear of boredom, contributes to his impeccable attendance record.

In a testament to Tony’s hard work, he has been able to provide homes for three of his daughters and grandchildren in the Philippines during his time with FBG. While the pandemic disrupted his annual trips back home, his anticipation builds for 2024. It will be a year that promises a heartwarming family reunion, bringing together family from the Philippines, his daughter and family in Monument, Colorado and his youngest daughter traveling from Dubai.

Tony Zapanta, with his strong work ethic, unwavering loyalty and commitment to family, truly embodies the spirit of FBG. Congratulations to Tony on being named Colorado Springs Employee of the Year. An honor befitting a dedicated member of the Colorado Springs District!