Value Awards: Des Moines

We want to congratulate the Des Moines winners of the 2019 Employee Value Awards. The Employee Value Awards give us the opportunity to recognize winners for their outstanding contributions to FBG.


Krishna Timsina As Krishna completes his first year of employment with FBG Service Corporation, his consistency and ability to adapt to his role as the Day Porter on a difficult account is noteworthy. Krishna’s dedication to quality and unwavering commitment to exceed expectations are always on display. 

Thank you, Krishna! Congratulations on your accomplishment! 

Krystal Carey Krystal cleans a challenging manufacturing environment and works diligently to execute her daily tasks with a focus on exceeding expectations, helping members of her team and consistently striving to meet the demands of her job. Krystal is quick to perform additional assignments at the request of our customer. Krystal, thank you for being a valuable member of our FBG team!

Aurora Terrazas According to her supervisor, Aurora consistently goes above and beyond to ensure expectations are achieved on a daily basis. Aurora’s work ethic and dedication set a great example for her team and FBG. Aurora, thank you for your service and outstanding efforts!

Maribel Reyes Maribel’s emphasis on quality and readiness to help where ever needed is noteworthy. Maribel is instrumental in ensuring that her work is done with a focus on quality and example for others. She truly cares about her job, her coworkers and customers. Thanks for all that you do, Maribel. We appreciate your focus on quality!

Ethics & Integrity:

Rosa Jurado In December 2018, she became the site supervisor on the DMACC campus within the FFA building. In her new role, Rosa exhibits that strong values of trustworthiness, reliability and commitment. She works incredibly hard to demonstrate the importance of honesty in her daily interactions with our customer and members of her team. Thank you for all your efforts, Rosa!

Larry East As our Operations Manager for the District, Larry treats others with dignity and respect. Larry’s strong moral compass and focus on honesty is creating noticeable improvements in the culture. He is continuously working to ensure our employees are focused on exceeding customer expectations. We are fortunate to have someone like Larry leading our district operations. Thank you for being you, Larry! 

Stability & Growth:

Mark Gunhus Mark has completed his first year at FBG Service Corporation as the Market Manager. Mark has such a positive impact on our team by his uplifting, cheerful and friendly demeanor. Anyone who knows Mark can attest to his high energy level and commitment to grow our market share in the Des Moines area. Mark is focused on relationships, our reputation and customer satisfaction. These are the key ingredients to ensure continued growth as a District and a company. Congratulations on a job well done, Mark!

People Development & Empowerment:

Greg Fox As our Warehouse Manager, Greg plays a major role in operations for the Des Moines District. Greg is eager to assist in every and any way. Whether cleaning at an account, training team members or fixing equipment, Greg ensures our employees have the support they need to get the job done right. Greg cares deeply about our people, and his efforts have a positive impact on customer satisfaction as well. Thanks, Greg, for all you do for the Des Moines District. 

Innovation & Experimentation:

Ben Elder In November of 2018, Ben Elder started as an Operations Supervisor for the Des Moines District. From the onset, Ben’s ability to problem solve, develop innovative ways to exceed customer expectations and focus on helping our cleaning specialists was apparent. Ben’s tireless approach to fix equipment and redeploy existing equipment to create cleaning efficiencies is paramount to our bottom line. Thank you, Ben, for your dedication, focus and the guidance you provide daily to our employees!