Value Awards: Omaha/Lincoln

We want to congratulate the Omaha and Lincoln winners of the 2019 Employee Value Awards. The Employee Value Awards give us the opportunity to recognize winners for their outstanding contributions to FBG.


Lynn Phillips In the three years Lynn has been with FBG she has earned our trust to manage new accounts and other large projects. Customers have nothing but good things to say about her and as an employee owner, she shows great pride in her work. Lynn, thank you for your outstanding quality and consistency. You are a superstar! 

Robert Phillips Robert has been with FBG for five years. He started as a part-time cleaning specialist and has become a full-time employee owner. Robert’s commitment and quality of work is one that customers have praised for years. Thanks for being such a strong team player, Robert. We appreciate all you do!

Carmen Machi Carmen has been with FBG since March 2017 and has worked hard to become familiar with multiple rural locations for MidAmerican and more than 10 Century Link sites. Carmen is a real asset to her team. She receives great results and many positive comments from our customers. Carmen, FBG is very grateful to have you on our team. Congratulations!

Ethics & Integrity:

Brain Sanley Brian has been with FBG since 2011 working at Lincoln Electric Systems account in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has a great attendance record and takes absolute pride in the facility he helps maintain and our customer talks very highly of him. Brian, that you for being such a dependable and trustworthy team player!

Maria Lopez Maria has been with FBG since 2014. She currently works at Lincoln Electric Systems and is a very dependable employee and a great trainer. The customer tells FBG management that Maria is one of the reasons they appreciate FBG. Maria, thank you for demonstrating such great drive and pride in your work.

Dawn Schubach Ever since she came to work for FBG in 2016, Dawn has been an employee upon which FBG and Lincoln Electric Systems have come to rely. The customer praises Dawn’s commitment and attentiveness. Thank you, Dawn for your hard work, attentiveness and loyalty. Congratulations!

Diahann Yarbrough Diahann Yarbrough cleans the First National Bank Child Care and Technology Center facilities. Since Diahann has been working there, we have not had a single complaint. Diahann, you are commended for your outstanding effort. Thank you for being a part of the FBG team!

Stability & Growth:

Gladys Rogers Gladys has been an employee with FBG for the last 25 years and has been at Kiewit Plaza since 1976. Kiewit Plaza used to have their own cleaning crew and Gladys was one of its first team members. In 1993, FBG assumed janitorial services, and we have had Kiewit Plaza and the wonderful Gladys ever since. Gladys has been an amazing employee over the years. She is dedicated, loyal and takes great pride in her work. Gladys, we adore you. You are like family to us. Thank you for your commitment and service to FBG, your team and Kiewit Plaza. 

Melissa Thornton Melissa joined FBG in December 2011 and has been impressing customers and teammates ever since. With a terrific work ethic and exceptional communications skills, she has established a strong relationship with her customer, EATON. Melissa, we appreciate the hard work and dedication you bring to your accounts and our customers!

Robert Yarbrough Robert has been with FBG for three years where he started as a cleaning specialist on our IWCC account. Last year, Robert was promoted to Supervisor. He has grown and made tremendous strides learning the details of this new position. He leads with a fantastic attitude, is always in a good mood and clearly interested in how people are doing. His customers and employees appreciate his optimistic attitude. Thank you, Robert for all you do and all you have done this past year. Congratulations!

People Development & Empowerment:

Pamalee Veldhuizen Pamalee has been with FBG since May 2015. She started as a cleaning specialist and is now our Operations Supervisor for the Greater Sioux City area. Pam has been instrumental in hiring and training employees and is praised for the guidance and follow up she provides. Pam, thank you for the pride you take in your work and for sharing your high standards with our cleaning specialists!

Innovation & Experimentation:

Fernando Hernandez Fernando has been with FBG since April 2017. He started as a floater and quickly became an asset to the team. Fernando has an open mind, is positive, innovative, and finds new ways to be more efficient and effective. We sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication, Fernando. Thank you!