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Commander Coins Gifted

Quad Cities District Director Scott Hess reported that FBG Team Members Rhonda Miller and Ruth Holland both received Commander Coins from one of our manufacturing customers. These are Awards of […]

Carroll Earns CBSE Certification

Manager, Pat Carroll, recently earned the CBSE certification from the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). Afterward, he commented, “Earning my CBSE certification has provided me with greater insight and […]

Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass doesn’t have to be a difficult task, but getting it done efficiently and streak-free can be a challenge. We can spend hours spraying and […]

Unplugged and Sustainable Service

FBG’s Director of Process Improvement and Innovation, Guy Robarge, was recently interviewed by the industry publication Contracting Profits for its January/February 2018 issue. The article focused on the popularity of […]

Note from the President March 2018

To quote The Beatles’ George Harrison, “It’s been a long cold lonely winter – here comes the sun!” For many of us in the four-seasons states, it’s been a very […]

Moving Up Jamie Losch

Jamie Losch, Market Manager, Cedar Rapids District Jamie will be celebrating his 11th anniversary with FBG this month and said, “FBG has been, by far, my favorite place to work […]

ESOP News March-April 2018

What’s the Difference between ESOPs and 401(k) Plans?  Many of us have either participated or at least heard of 401(k) plans and are more familiar with them than an ESOP. […]

ByoPlanet® Saves the Day

The worst of the flu season is behind us, but a secondary outbreak is expected this Spring. Public health officials have said this flu season is likely to continue through […]

The Newest Generation: Gen Z

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January February 2018 Issue of The Spotlite

Congratulations to all of our team members who were named Employee of the Year for their Districts and to Retha Hernadez for being named FBG’s Employee of the Year!

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